Household Storage Canterbury

Storage Services

KJS understands that your possessions are valuable, sentimental, and expensive. All of our storage options will ensure your belongings are safe. There are many storage options available for your home. They vary in size, cost, and accessibility. Self-storage is ideal for house movers who may need to access their possessions frequently. Container storage is an affordable and secure option that doesn’t require you to be able to access your belongings.


You are often left to pack your belongings into boxes and hope for the best when moving house in the UK. KJS’s household storage option is a great solution. It gives you more space and time to make your move easier. Did you forget something important? It’s no problem! No problem! All of our warehouses are available Monday through Saturday. Some even offer 24-hour access. There are no restrictions on how often you can access your belongings. You can access your belongings as often as you like, as long as you have your key. Your Britannia self storage room can be thought of as an extension to your shed or closet under the stars.

Container Storage

Container storage is a great option if you prefer a more hands-off approach. Our team will professionally wrap, pack, and load your items into storage boxes. The unit will be sealed until it is returned. This system minimizes handling and ensures that your household items remain safe and sound. The storage containers have a volume of approximately 250 cubic feet. This allows for plenty of space for furniture, bikes, gardening equipment, and pool tables. This storage container is ideal for people who don’t need to have easy access to their items during renovations or property moves. We can help you retrieve your container from storage and place it back in its original location when you’re done.